Snaphaunce Weapons

The Snaphaunce locks were developed in mid to late 1500’s being much simpler to make than the wheellock. The pan cover was still a separate sliding piece as on wheellocks and the sear arrangement is basically the same. The frizzen could be left forward as a kind of safety on guns with out the sear locks. Large powerful mainsprings make these large locks very fast dependable sparkers. The Dutch, French, and English were the main users of these types of locks. Many of these guns were sent over to America in the early 1600’s as they were better suited for our needs of defense and hunting than matchlocks. George Moller has found that 1000 Snaphaunce muskets were sent to the Virginia Colony in 1702, so they were used quite late. Many Snaphaunce locks were fitted to matchlock muskets to update them.

One Snaphaunce is listed on a raid to the new world in 1584, where a soldiers snaplock pistol dropped from his belt and went off upon hitting the ground and killing him.

1600's English Snaphaunce Pistol (624)

Elizabethan Carbine Snaphaunce (525)

English Snaphaunce Musket (579)