Socket Bayonets

We are very proud to offer this selection of bayonets. Eric Goldstein prepared patterns of the early St. Remy French and Bess bayonets from examples in his collection. Eric has also produced a book on these early bayonets. George Neumann helped us with the photographs and patterns on the later French and Spanish bayonets. Walter Ingram and Todd Gerding provided us with the American and Prussian bayonets. With all this help and guidance you can rest assured that you will get a 100% correct bayonet for your weapon. These bayonets are cast, so you will need to remove the casting gates and lightly polish them. They are cast in 4140 steel, which is a far better steel than the originals.

All French bayonets from 1695-1754 were used concurrently and will interchange on any French musket.

1695 French Musket Bayonet (680)

1716 French Marine Bayonet (633)

1717 French Musket Bayonet (575)

1728 French Musket Bayonet (576)

1710-1720's English Bayonet (638)

1720-1750's Early Brown Bess Bayonet (542 A)

1750's-1820 English Socket Bayonet (542 B)

Eliott & Artillery Carbine Bayonet (696)

Dragoon Carbine & Light Infantry Fusil Bayonet (592)

Ferguson Rifle Bayonet (513)

Prussian Musket Bayonet (594)

1795 Springfield Bayonet (526)

1816 U.S. Musket Bayonet (543)

1819 Hall Breech loading Rifle Bayonet (645)

Hall 1833-1836 Ramrod Bayonet (767)

1752 Spanish Bayonet (622)

1807 Austrian Jagerstutzen Bayonet (781)

1844 Austrian Laukart System Bayonet (801)

1849 Austrian Kammerbusche Bayonet (802)

1854 Austrian Jagerstutzen Bayonet (761)

1954 Austrian Lorenz Bayonet (698)

1807-41-51 Danish - Norwegian Bayonet (914)

Dutch Flat Bladed Socket Bayonet (693)