Ferguson Rifle (513)

The Ferguson Breechloading Rifle was basically an improvement of the older La Chaumette design of the 1720’s. Ferguson added an extension to the bottom of the barrel to keep the breech screw from falling out when loading and added grease grooves to the breech screw to help with continued firing. One hundred of these rifles were made and sent to America with Ferguson. There are only two surviving specimens known, one in the Morristown, New Jersey, National Park Museum and one in the Milwaukee Public Museum. We made our patterns from the Milwaukee example as it was in far better condition. This is one of the best museums in our country and we advise anyone who is in that area to stop in and visit. Their staff were wonderful people to work with going far beyond normal duty to help us, with this project. We have produced all parts for this gun and we have gone the extra mile on these rifles to make sure they are 100% correct, even with the original proof marks and correct rifling. We do not stamp these original style proof marks on barrels unless they are requested by the customer when order is placed.  If you would like us to stamp the original style proof marks on the barrel it is an additional $75.00 labor charge. The original military breech screw used 11 independent threads not 10 threads as the sporting models do. The breech screw is also tapered considerably to keep the screw from binding. We have also reproduced the original 30" bayonet which was designed for use as a sidearm (the blade projects directly from the side of the socket for balance). The lock plate measures 5 1/4" x 15/16". The throw of the cock is 1 1/2". The Ferguson Rifle has a caliber of .65 with deep fast twist (1 in 56 Twist) rifling. The powder chamber holds 72 grains. The barrel and breech assembly is finished. The tapered 11 thread plug is fitted w/square cut for trigger guard. We can cut the (4) dovetails for the underlugs and rear sight and braze the front sight and bayonet lug on for an additional $150.00.

513 Set of Lock Castings  $150.00  
513 AS Assembled Lock  $495.00  
513 LP •Lock Plate $24.95  
513 C •Cock  $24.95  
513 TJ •Top Jaw  $18.95  
513 F •Frizzen $24.95  
513 FS •Frizzen Spring $23.95  
513 T •Tumbler $18.95  
513 B •Bridle $18.95  
513 S •Sear $18.95  
513 SS •Sear Spring $19.95  
513 MS •Main Spring $23.95  
513 TJSX Top Jaw Screw $12.95  
513 LSS Lock Screw Set $24.95  
513 BP Butt Plate $39.95  
513 TG Trigger Guard   $39.95  
513 TGSX Trigger Guard Screw $4.95  
513 TGI Trigger Guard Indent $12.95  
513 TP Trigger Plate $19.95  
513 TR Trigger $12.95  
513 RT Rear Thimble $18.95  
513 FT Front Thimble (2 Needed) $16.95  
513 NC Nose Cap $16.95  
513 FSSW Front Sling Swivel $16.95  
513 FSSWS Front Sling Swivel Stud $12.95  
513 FSSWSX Front Sling Swivel Screw $2.95  
513 RSSW Rear Sling Swivel $16.95  
513 RSSWS Rear Sling Swivel Stud $9.95  
513 RSSWSX Rear Sling Swivel Screw $2.95  
513 LRS Lock Retaining Screw $4.95  
513 BABUF Barreled Breech Unit Finished $895.00  
513 BRP Breech Plug  $24.95  
513 BUL Barrel Underlug (3 Needed) $5.95  
513 BK Barrel Key (3 Needed) $12.95  
513 RSB Rear Sight Base $19.95  
513 RSL Rear Sight Leaf $14.95  
513 FRS Front Sight $12.95  
513 TASX Tang Screw $4.95  
513 ST Stock  $325.00  
513 RRT-B Ramrod Tip (Brass) $7.95  
513 RR Ramrod (Tapered, Brass Tipped) $39.95  
513 BAY Bayonet (30" Long) (Casting) $195.00  
513 BAY-POL Bayonet (30" Long) (Polished) $395.00  
513 PARTS Parts Set with Set of Lock Castings $1,795.00  
513 PARTSAS Parts Set with Assembled Lock $1,895.00  

Included in a Set of Lock Castings.